On activating Markup Pricing it gets applied to all new products imported via Spreadr. Existing products can be marked-up by enabling 'Update prices as per the Markup Pricing Rules' option in the Auto-sync settings.

There are 2 ways to apply mark up pricing to the existing products.

1) Change the setting for each product individually : 


  1. Goto Spreadr Dashboard homepage and search for the product you want to be marked-up.
  2. Click on Auto-sync icon (Actions column.)
  3. Select 'Update prices as per Markup Pricing Rules' option and hit 'Save'.
  4. Repeat for all the products you want to markup.

2) Apply markup to all products at once: 

Please check the attached image for your reference: 

These products will be marked up as per your pricing rules when Spreadr executes Auto-sync once every 24 hours.