Common sections:


Refer to the below documentation link of the Supply theme, for the options already available when you installed from the Shopify store.

In this documentation, you will find additional options made available with the original Supply theme.

1. Header

Supply includes some unique settings for the header of your store. You can choose a menu to display in your header, upload a logo, display a message to your customers and cart button:

With Supply, you can hide or show the shopping cart button.


  1. If you want to display a shopping cart button on the top right corner, then select the Show cart button checkbox.
  2. Click Save.

2. Collection page:

  1. To show a description of each product on your collection pages, check Enable description.
  2. To show description to a limited number of characters, select the number from the drop-down option under How many characters you want in description.
  3.  To show View on Amazon button or Add to cart button on each product on your collection page, check the Enable Action button.

3. Collection rows:

You can feature products from your collections on your home page. You can display collection rows on your home page to feature new arrivals or collections that are on sale.

  1. Check Enable description to show the description of each product.
  2. Select the number from the drop-down option under How many characters you want in description to show a specific number of characters in description for each product.
  3. Check the Enable action button to show the add to cart or view on Amazon button on each of the products.