Show an appealing affiliate product banner to visitors leaving your site by activating the exit-intent popup.

Let’s imagine that a user has been browsing through your awesome site, then decides to leave the site. At that moment we can briefly interrupt an interesting product from Amazon, steering the user towards the affiliate link button. When users click the button they are redirected to Amazon with your affiliate link. This helps significantly boost affiliate earnings. Our initial testing shows an increase in affiliate income by 10%.


Steps to activate exit-intent popup on your site:

  1. Go to Spreadr dashboard > Tools > Exit Popup.
  2. Provide the Amazon product link you want to display to exiting users.
  3. Modify the product title text to make it attractive for maximizing clicks.
  4. Customize colors and popup display frequency.
  5. Click the Preview button to see how the popup will look.
  6. Click Activate switch.


  • Only one exit popup can be created for a store.
  • At max 5 products can be imported per exit popup. Out of these 5 products, one will be randomly picked to be displayed each time a user tries to leave your site.
  • If Geo-localize is activated, it will be applicable to links on the exit popup as well.
  • Exit popup views and clicks can be tracked in Google Analytics. More info here.
  • The popups will stop displaying when the app is uninstalled.