Auto-sync updates product price and availability once every 24 hours. There are cases where there is a mismatch because of changes on Amazon soon after the Spreadr app has updated Shopify. This mismatch can last up to many hours until the app auto-syncs the next day. For dropshippers, this can cause products to be purchased at incorrect prices, or still worst, cause products to be purchased that have gone out of stock on Amazon.

To avoid this problem to a certain extent we have introduced Super-sync. Super-sync updates a product's price and availability, real-time, as soon as it is added to the cart by any shopper.

Spreadr will monitor and detect if any Amazon product is added to the cart by a customer visiting your store. The app will then quickly read the prices and availability from Amazon and update the product on Shopify. This can take from 3-7 seconds. The customer can see the updated price and availability before making the payment. This ensures that the product is purchased with the right pricing and availability.


  • This is not a full-proof system. Sometimes the customers check-out and pay very quickly even before Super-sync updates the product in 3-10 seconds.
  • Super-sync costs an additional $25/month to the existing plan.
  • This is a beta feature. Based on the feedback and suggestions we will upgrade it.